Tuesday, April 11


While thinking about what is authentic and how we have lost our collective souls to the simulacrum I came across this reading list for culture theory. My idea of a great summer day, read a little and then go for a ride on your hand made Pereira bike.

American Studies Syllabus Library - Shank: "THEORIZING AMERICA
Barry Shank (University of Kansas)

This course is an intensive reading seminar, intended to provide an introduction to the theoretical debates regarding the study of culture that have taken place in the last twenty years. We will use the seminar format to mutually challenge, support and encourage each other in our struggles to read, think, speak, and write about these positions. You will be required to read and think about a significant bulk of material (150-200 pp.) each class meeting. As part of that requirement, you will turn in a brief 2-4 page response to each class's readings by 5:00 pm the Tuesday before we discuss that reading. You will also be expected to take an active role in the class discussion. The final will be in the form of a take-home exam that will require you to synthesize and use the material of the course. "