Sunday, September 5

Revisiting the Coast

Today I cruised the coast from Camden to Portland with two old friends, the famous Sam May and Sam Smith, partners in the Masonry company of Smith and May.
We paid a visit to Allen Island along the way to see how buildings we did 22 years ago were holding up. Well, I would say, thanks to the owners care, Andy and Betsy Wyeth.

These photos are kind of out of order but will give you some views of the trip and the day here in Maine. Click on things to see more....
May and Smith Posted by Hello

the Colorado connection

In Sawpit, outside of Telluride, I worked the last few years with Glenn Harcourt and the Steeprock crew doing Post and Beam buildings with recycled materials. Here is the Steeprock shop ( Solar Powered) and the master Zen carpenter Cormac building a very cool door ...I threw this in because I love the picture and it reminds me of another great barn in Maine. ( also Solar)

The barn, originally a work building built post and beam from timber sawn on the island and harvested there 22 years ago. Smith and May did all the original chimneys here...we all raised the barn after a massive weekend of partying, camping and carousing. Posted by Hello
Sam Smith approaching the stone generator shed they built 22 years ago Posted by Hello
This building was done after I moved to Colorado Posted by Hello

The village of George's harbor

Betsy Wyeth has created a small village between Allen island and Benner island, where the Weymouth exploration party arrived in 1612 ...all of these buildings are new in the last 22 years, except the center building which we restored ...Betsy's 22 year art and architecture project has created a true community.

In Maine, everything and everyone turns weatherd gray over the years

Table in the newly renovated "barn", with real wyeth paintings on the walls. Posted by Hello

Looking back at Camden Hills

This 23 foot boat averaged about 30 mph from Camden to Portland

Sam May, one half of the old Smith and may masons, setting the GPS Posted by Hello
The GPS gives a moving nautical chart with accurate depths, bouys, etc.  Posted by Hello
looking out from the barn toward a field of sheep. There are now gardens, sheep, chickens, goats and deer running around the island Posted by Hello

Conch shells and internet connection. This was a small home for a fishing family that was restored. Posted by Hello

The Wyeths loaned us this carrt to drive around the 400 acre island on the network of roads they have established