Friday, January 21

For years this church had no steeple, then a family of carpenters who do nothing but steeples came to town, framed it and shingled it. Amazing, imagine just painting it. Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 20

The driveway this morning before the temperature started going DOWN. They say it won't get above zero all week. Posted by Hello

Graybull again (the truck) and the sticker that says "Bush lies, our soldiers die " Posted by Hello
My old house in Cushing, Maine built in 1814 with older parts...hard to heat this beast but it had an awesome post and beam frame Posted by Hello
Kim's tile hearth Posted by Hello
Shadow has decided to spend as much time as possible by the old stove Posted by Hello
Kim and Steve's house has a "mushroom" ceiling, I wish I could get a good picture of the way this loft works. Its a very Steeprock influenced house. Posted by Hello
The awesome Toyota now has 245,000 miles, new tires and goes like hell Posted by Hello
Got a little snow and the temperature was up to around 20 this morning Posted by Hello